Makeup+Hair by Elsie Photos by IZO Photography    


Makeup by Elsie


Vintage look with a classic red lip for a very lovely bride! I thought the red lips made a beautiful contrast with Shaye’s porcelain skin. Good choice Shaye!:) Congrats and wonderful blessings to the lovely couple! Bride Shaye Makeup by Elsie


Makeup+Hair for gorgeous Jane who was a wedding guest. Had fun catching up with Jane again – u guys might remember seeing Jane’s lovely face a couple of times now in my portfolio:) Jane was attending a friend’s wedding, and contacted me to do her makeup+hair. I was quite booked up on her day, but with some timing manoeuvrings, I managed to fit Jane…

Hair side curls

  Hair by Elsie


It’s always nice when the bride is a friend, and I have known Monika for a number of years. So so happy for her on her big day!:) Monika has really good skin, so it was easy giving her that beautiful glow. Emphasis on eye makeup, a rosy complexion and pink glossy lips completed her radiant bridal look! We had a bit of a challenge…


Beautiful bride Rachael! Rachael has really good skin, I didn’t have to do too much on foundation as she does not need it, and focused on giving her a dewey natural glow. An emphasis on eyeliner and pink glossy lips completed Rachael’s radiant bridal look! Rachael also has an awesome sense of humour, I had a fun morning doing makeup for her and her…

Oscars 2015 inspirations

Love Margot Robbie’s look at the 2015 Oscars, gorgeous red lip inspiration! Short hair inspiration from Emma Stone’s look. Timeless classic and elegance.