It’s always nice when the bride is a friend, and I have known Monika for a number of years. So so happy for her on her big day!:)

Monika has really good skin, so it was easy giving her that beautiful glow. Emphasis on eye makeup, a rosy complexion and pink glossy lips completed her radiant bridal look!

We had a bit of a challenge when it came to her hair. Monika has medium length hair, and she has a 4-metre long veil! So we had to design a hairstyle that look good, as well as hold the veil securely.
I must admit I was rather nervous on Monika’s wedding day worrying about how the veil “behaved” after I left, but she has feed backed to me that everything held up beautifully, so thank goodness:)

Here’s sending wonderful blessings to Monika and Jimmy on this new journey in their lives!!

Monika collage

Makeup+Hair by Elsie

Assisted by Jess
Photos by Nathan Maddigan

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