Gypsy Chic

Caris is another very talented model I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is such a sweetie, very friendly and down to earth.

She is also very quick to nail poses, and a real professional about her work. There was this one time during one of the shoots, she was not feeling well at all, but she still persevered till the end of the shoot!

Caris is also one of the finalists of Miss Universe Australia 2013.


Caris8 RECaris1 RECaris2 RECaris4 RECaris3 RECaris5 RECaris6 RECaris7 RE

Sheila Magazine

Model Caris Tiivel (Chadwick Models)
Makeup by Elsie
Wig from Wasp Hair
Styling by Kris Watts, Tracy Hill
Photos by Jason Thomas




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